In mid-October, fashion designer Mychael Knight, who was a former star of the U.S. reality television show “Project Runway,” passed away at the age of 39. It is unfortunate that he apparently suffered from chronic gastrointestinal issues that may or may not have contributed to his death at such a young age. While he apparently believed that he had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), many of the symptoms described in numerous news reports from various sources are not consistent with IBS. Furthermore, IBS is never a life-threatening condition. It does not cause or contribute to death, directly or indirectly.  It is a disservice to the IBS community for numerous print and online media sources to imply or state outright that Knight’s death was related to IBS.

Please see the following blog post that IBS Impact published on October 23, 2017 explaining IBS and how it differs from the reported details of Knight’s condition. The post includes numerous links to reputable medical evidence-based sources on what IBS is and what it is not, and where members of the media and others can obtain more information on IBS to improve future reporting on IBS.

Posted: October 2017