The Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology has newly published guidelines for the management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in adults in its April 2019 issue.

Twelve named authors from the fields of gastroenterology,  health psychology and primary care, represent six Canadian universities with one author currently unaffiliated. These are McMaster University, the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, the University of Manitoba, the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. The development of these guidelines first began in January 2017, culminating in its first release in January 2019 and print publication this month. While a few Canadian researchers have previously collaborated with United States colleagues on American guidelines, which differ from these Canadian guidelines in a couple of aspects, as far as IBS Impact is aware, this is the first time any national professional organization in Canada has issued a comprehensive document of this nature.

The published article, which includes the consensus statement and recommendations on existing IBS treatment options can be accessed online here.

IBS Impact hopes that the existence of these guidelines improves health care provider awareness of IBS, as well as effective treatment for Canadians with IBS.

Posted April 2019