IBS Impact was chosen to acknowledge the often under-recognized negative impact of IBS on large subsets of those with IBS and those who interact with us, such as families, friends, classmates, colleagues, teachers and employers. The decrease in quality of life and productivity that many with IBS experience on a recurring or constant basis strains those who wish to regain or maintain our health and ability to fully participate in life as contributing members of society, but find serious gaps in the resources that would allow us to do so. IBS Impact also affirms that we, as a community, have the desire and ability to take charge of our own destiny and have a positive impact on improving the status quo. Your own personal participation in IBS Impact can help make a  difference in IBS research and awareness which benefits all people with IBS


• We were started in 2010 by people with IBS for others like ourselves and for supportive family members and friends who want to act in concrete, constructive ways toward public awareness, advocacy and public and private funding for IBS community needs.

• We also welcome health care or human service professionals who actively support self-advocacy and person-centered philosophies.

• We strive to work toward equity with other common health conditions and disabilities in public awareness, resources for treatment and research, and local community support systems.

• IBS Impact supports the furtherance of peer-reviewed, evidence-based research, treatment and support systems for IBS, accurate to the best of current international scientific knowledge of the field. As much as possible, we make reference to and link to such sources, with which we are personally familiar, or have made efforts to verify through reputable contacts in the international disorder of gut-brain interaction (DGBI) professional community. We recognize that many aspects of IBS research are still evolving or newly emerging, and that what is currently considered scientific truth about IBS may change from new research insights in the future.

• We support the open sharing of diverse lived experiences and perspectives by people with IBS and those close to them, and encourage members and site visitors to make their own fully informed decisions for their individual situations.


• IBS Impact is focused on IBS education, awareness, and advocacy, not on treatment or emotional support per se. Please consult your own health care providers for specific diagnosis or treatment questions. Links to many support resources can be found on our links page.

• We are not a business or charity and receive no funding from any other group or organization. Our members and supporters volunteer their own time and resources. If you wish to donate to the IBS cause, we encourage you to consider an IBS organization or research facility in your country, which can be found on our links and research pages.

• We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any other group or organization, but we welcome constructive collaboration.

Last update to About Us page: December 2023