IBS and Friends and Family

 by Michael Mahoney,
Clinical Hypnotherapist

North Yorkshire, England (formerly Cheshire)

One of the biggest problems the IBS patient faces is living with family or others, or being around co-workers or friends, who do not understand or “get” the IBS condition.

Just about every IBS patient can relate to these comments from the well-intentioned, but misinformed –

“Just don’t eat that, and you will be better”

“You already went to the bathroom 5 times already, and we’re late…”

“You bring it on yourself, just don’t think about it…”

“You already took your – Imodium, Bentyl, Donnatal, fiber, etc. – so why aren’t you better?”

“You are just under stress, everyone has it, so just buck up and quit babying yourself…”

“You are doing it because you get attention or to make people feel sorry for you…”

“Just go back to the doctor (for the 10th time), switch doctors (you have had 7 already), go on this diet (you are on crackers and water)..”

“I have IBS too, and it isn’t that bad – you are making a mountain out of a little problem” (they have mild IBS, you have severe refractory IBS…)

The fact is, while well-intentioned, most people who do not have IBS cannot fully understand what you are going through.

Even when you explain that it feels like having a severe flu all the time, or however you explain it, they either don’t get it, or don’t believe it could be that bad or any number of off-putting opinions.

People get fed up being around the chronically sick when it isn’t something termed to be ‘serious’ like cancer. Yet the quality of life of a severe IBS patient can be just as lacking as that of the cancer patient.

Now of course we are NOT minimizing the terrible suffering and devastation that cancer brings, but one of our patients was told by her gastroenterologist that he could more effectively treat the pain of his colon cancer patients better than his IBS patents.

And because the IBS condition isn’t classified as serious, but a functional disorder, the patient sometimes does not receive the empathy or consideration that any suffering individual deserves, no matter what the cause.

Further to this, perhaps you are feeling guilty that you may understandably complain now and then, when you are aware that other folks may have more serious conditions. This just adds to the IBS condition and can make you feel even worse in your thoughts.

So I developed a professional recording to fully explain the IBS condition to family, friends, co-workers or anyone that you may feel needs to have this information.

I called it the IBS Companion, and give it free in my IBS Audio Program 100 for adults

The IBS Companion© is highly valuable, in that not only will your family, friends, co-workers and/or others have a new respect and understanding of your suffering and condition, but – and this is KEY – you will have eliminated one very embarrassing, and taxing part of your condition – the constant feeling of obligation to explain your illness, or the need to excuse yourself – this burden of explanation over and over is taken off of you!

Designed so you can just hand them a copy of the recorded session to listen to – and you both will be on the same page.

This in turn is part of the beginning of your therapy – before you even consider the IBS Audio Program 100® sessions, you will have had a huge weight lifted off of you –finally – someone really, really understands what you are going through – not just the physical symptoms, painful and unrelenting and embarrassing as they are, but the need for understanding, compassion, and the full aspects of living with a chronic – and embarrassing condition.

I am passionate about helping those who suffer with this condition – why? – because when I first began seeing success with my sessions and protocol, patients came to me with tears of joy and gratitude for getting their lives back, now kidding, it was really quite moving – in fact you can read over 10 years of people – just like you – who have voluntarily written to me, or posted on public websites – who have been given their lives back after years of suffering and embarrassment…

Some people were so sick with IBS they couldn’t even travel to see in person – so I taped the programs for them and mailed them – this was the beginning of the IBS Audio Program 100®.

A very simple, grass-roots and humble beginning.

From there, gastroenterologists and general practitioners heard about the program and began to refer their patients to me.

The program grew out of a need and was not a commercial entity at all – in fact – in the early days, I never even asked for a fee from his first IBS patients.

So in that spirit, I know that you will find the IBS Companion© a valuable tool in helping you address the issues of sharing your symptoms and innermost feelings about the condition with others in your life who need to know…

If you would like to know more, or simply learn about the mind body connection and the benefits of using structured, interlinked, tried and trusted protocol methods, simply visit http://www.healthyaudiohypnosis.com on the links pages.

Best wishes
Michael Mahoney

Note: No payment was asked or offered for this article.

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